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Commercial Construction Building Services

G. S. & S. Construction specializes in the fast track method of construction and building services

Healthcare & Medical Construction

Healthcare facilities – as well as biotechnology, microelectronic, medical, and telecommunication facilities – typically require clean rooms, which are controlled environments that are kept completely free of contaminants.

Product development and testing environments require stringent construction and cleanliness procedures, much different than those of typical construction sites. G. S. & S. Construction is highly experienced and exceptionally diligent in healthcare/medical and clean-room construction.

STL General Commercial Contractors

Office Construction & Renovations

The expert construction and completion of office space, whether it begins with pouring a concrete slab for a new building or gutting an existing space to meet a client’s needs, requires extensive building experience and second-to-none communication skills.

Tenant Improvements

At G. S. & S. Construction, we recognize the importance of working around your tenants when we are improving a property. We are professionals, highly sensitive to noise and disruption concerns, and we work around your schedule, even utilizing night and weekend work when necessary.


Private Educational Facilities

We pride ourselves on our communication skills. To that end, you will have one project coordinator from beginning to end; we never hand you off to different contractors during the process. Your goals are our goals; your success is ours.

Warehouse Construction

A regular person would be forgiven for thinking that a warehouse is simply a big, empty box. After all, what is there other than concrete and steel? It’s true that warehouses typically do not have the same level of plumbing, electrical, HVAC or architectural concerns that other buildings do. But these are buildings where raw materials, machinery or goods may be stored, which makes them client priorities. Every building site is different. And like any project, they must come in on time and on budget in order to meet a client’s goals.


Manufacturing Facility Construction

Software. Chocolate. Metal tools. Textiles. Pet food. Glass containers. Furniture. Construction of industrial and manufacturing facilities is defined primarily by two factors: What will be manufactured, of course, and what kinds of equipment must be housed inside the building to do so. The list of items above illustrates how vastly different the equipment, supply and space needs can be inside a facility producing one product or another.

Other Services Include:

  • Design Build
  • Site Selection
  • Construction Management

  • General Contracting
  • Value Engineering / Cost Analysis
  • Pre-Construction / Conceptual Estimating

  • LEED
  • BIM
  • Tenant Coordination