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Private Educational Facilities

Private educational facilities take a lot of forms today, including private schools, parochial schools and charter schools. While all schools have in common the education of students, they also have varying priorities in terms of the size of the student body, any specialties in the curriculum, and the size and location of the buildings themselves.
School construction – whether from scratch or renovation, built with traditional or modular methods – must take place on a tight timeline, due to the seasonal nature of the school calendar. Projects must be finished on time because on a certain date faculty and students are going to show up. This requires planning, organization and constant communication among all parties. At
G. S. & S. Construction, we pride ourselves on communication; you will never feel left out of the loop.

If renovations are being done while students are present, safety and site awareness is of paramount importance. Compliance with the American Disabilities Act is required. And the logistics of working around carpool lanes, school buses, and parking must be coordinated perfectly between construction crews and school administration.

Construction or renovations on school properties can involve vastly different projects. It can be classrooms, but it can also be a playground, a cafeteria addition, an athletic field, library, a gymnasium, a padded safe room for special-needs students, an entryway/commons addition or a FEMA-compliant earthquake/tornado shelter for the entire student body. Magnet or charter schools that emphasize different curricula – science, visual and performing arts, medicine, communications, chef skills, technology or leadership – will each have different structural needs in areas of the school.
G. S. & S. Construction is an expert in all school construction areas, and experienced with architecture that takes the New Madrid fault into consideration. We are a 4th-generation St. Louis-based family-owned firm, and our staff and construction crews have grown up in area schools for generations.