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Warehouse Construction

A regular person would be forgiven for thinking that a warehouse is simply a big, empty box. After all, what is there other than concrete and steel?

It’s true that warehouses typically do not have the same level of plumbing, electrical, HVAC or architectural concerns that other buildings do. But these are buildings where raw materials, machinery or goods may be stored, which makes them client priorities. Every building site is different. And like any project, they must come in on time and on budget in order to meet a client’s goals.

Different types of warehouses have different needs. One client may need a warehouse to simply use as a storage facility; another may plan to subdivide the open space for multiple clients. Many are built out with offices, a reception area, a conference room and bathrooms at one end. The open space is segregated in the back, typically with truck facilities and dock doors to accept deliveries.

As in all projects, communication is key. In a relatively quick process like a warehouse build, your project coordinator must be thinking of Step 6 while Step 2 is going on. If materials or crews are in place once the infrastructure of a building is finished – or once an existing building has been gutted for renovation – our work begins immediately on the inside, beginning with drywall, electricity, and HVAC installation and ending with cabinet installation, trim work and paint, all by G. S. & S. Construction’s own contractors.

In existing buildings, G. S. & S. Construction crews are experienced in sustainability; we go the extra mile in figuring out how to best reuse existing space and materials rather than just sending it all to the landfill. In historic buildings, we understand the care that needs to be taken while modernizing; we believe that the character of the architecture can be preserved while updating the building to today’s office needs and safety codes.