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Manufacturing Facility Construction

Construction of industrial and manufacturing facilities is defined primarily by two factors: What will be manufactured, of course, and what kinds of equipment must be housed inside the building to do so. The list of items above illustrates how vastly different the equipment, supply and space needs can be inside a facility producing one product or another.

At G. S. & S. Construction, we know each manufacturing facility client will have design-build needs unlike any other client, and we are qualified to meet those needs from the ground up. We work with both conventional and tilt-up masonry, conventional and pre-fabricated steel, and any basic or high-end finishes requested.

Manufacturing equipment is so heavy that it typically requires special support; floor loads must be calculated and isolated concrete pads must be poured to protect both the building and the equipment. In some cases, the equipment is so large that you simply place the equipment first and build the facility around it.

There are many more moving pieces in a manufacturing facility than in many other construction projects. This requires more communication between our company and the client, vendors, contractor crews and site personnel. At G. S. & S. Construction, you have one project coordinator from blueprints in the beginning to the punch-list at the end; you will never be handed off to another contractor mid-project. We take pride in our 4th-generation, St. Louis-based company, and want you to be more than satisfied when your project is completed.