Teal Labs

  • 9,000 SF
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building
  • Medical Cannabis Lab
  • 2 Kitchens, Packaging, Office
  • Candy, Infusion, and Extraction Capabilities

Teal Labs, also known as Teal Cannabis, is a Missouri-based company that focuses on delivering a heightened experience through its cannabis products. The company places a strong emphasis on quality, rigorous testing, and meticulous attention to detail. Their mission is to elevate the cannabis experience for their fellow Missourians by adhering to higher standards in product quality.

Construction Criteria for a Medical-Grade Production Facility for Teal Labs

Regulatory Compliance

  1. FDA and State Regulations: Compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and state-specific regulations for medical-grade facilities.
  2. GMP Certification: Obtaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification to ensure quality and safety.

Infrastructure and Design

  1. Cleanroom Facilities: Construction of cleanrooms with HEPA filters for contaminant-free production.
  2. Controlled Environment: Temperature, humidity, and air quality control systems for optimal product quality.

Material Selection

  1. Medical-Grade Materials: Use of medical-grade stainless steel and non-porous surfaces for easy sterilization.
  2. Anti-Microbial Flooring: Installation of anti-microbial and chemical-resistant flooring.

Equipment and Technology

  1. Automated Systems: Incorporation of automated production lines for consistency and reduced human error.
  2. Quality Control Labs: On-site labs for real-time quality assurance and testing.

Safety Measures

  1. Biohazard Safety: Installation of biohazard safety cabinets and proper waste disposal systems.
  2. Security Measures: Biometric access controls and 24/7 surveillance for product and data security.

The construction of Teal Labs Cannabis in Missouri, overseen by G.S. & S. Construction, showcases our commitment to excellence in the field of specialized facility construction. Our collaboration with Teal Cannabis was a journey of meticulous planning and execution, ensuring every aspect of the facility met the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. This project highlights our ability to adapt to the unique requirements of the evolving cannabis industry, demonstrating our expertise in delivering top-tier construction services.

Our approach to this project was comprehensive. We focused on developing a facility that would not only serve as a production site but also as a symbol of Teal Cannabis’ commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability. Our design incorporated the latest in construction technology, ensuring that every process, from cultivation to product packaging, is conducted in an environment that supports efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship.

We understood that Teal Labs Cannabis required a facility that could accommodate their unique needs. This included specialized areas for cultivation, with controlled environments to optimize plant growth; state-of-the-art processing rooms for extracting and refining cannabis products; and secure storage spaces for finished goods. Our construction plan was carefully developed to meet these specific requirements while adhering to stringent industry regulations.

Safety and sustainability were paramount in our construction process. We integrated advanced ventilation systems, energy-efficient lighting, and eco-friendly materials to minimize the facility’s environmental impact. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the building was in compliance with health and safety standards, providing a safe workspace for the employees of Teal Labs Cannabis.

The completion of Teal Labs Cannabis represents a significant achievement in our portfolio. This project underscores our capability to handle specialized construction projects that require a high level of precision and attention to detail. It also reflects our commitment to supporting industries that are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

As a construction company with a rich history of successful projects, G.S. & S. Construction is proud to have played a crucial role in the realization of Teal Labs Cannabis. This facility is not just a great example of our construction expertise but also a symbol of the evolving cannabis industry in Missouri.

For more comprehensive information about Teal Labs Cannabis, their process, and products, you can visit their website: Teal Cannabis.

Medical-Grade Facility Construction
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Discover how Teal Labs sets the standard in medical-grade cannabis production in Missouri. Learn about their FDA-compliant, GMP-certified facility designed for quality, safety, and innovation.

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