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2019 Office Design Trends. The modern workplace is practically unrecognizable from where it was a decade ago. Office design trends are constantly changing, and if your company wishes to foster an environment where employees can be creative, productive, and happy, it’s important to modernize. Many studies have shown that employees are more productive in environments that they find to be conducive to work, and 2019 office design trends are focused around creating a positive experience for both clients and staff.

Here at   G. S. & S. Construction  , we are a commercial remodeling company that focuses on office renovations. If you’re looking to complete an office renovation in 2019, here are some of the trends that you should keep an eye on. 

Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being is now one of the most important considerations in workplace planning and design. Research is proving that a happy workplace is a productive workplace. In the past decade or so, the world of office design has shifted from a focus on functionality and maximizing head-counts to becoming a staff-centric experience. This notion of employee well-being and workplace experience relates to a space where employees feel valued and where they can work productively.

To increase employee well-being, there are a few steps that you can take during your office redesign. Start with simple improvements like improving the quality of coffee, tea, and snacks, and work up to more dramatic changes such as adding the ability to store bikes and improving showering facilities. Trendsetting companies are also doing things like adding yoga studios, quiet rooms, and gaming areas to increase employee happiness.

Combine the Old with the New

Forward-thinking companies in 2019 are successfully integrating classic design with new trends. For instance, instead of completely building a new office, consider working with older buildings and spaces in order to inject new life. Decades-old craftsmanship can have vintage appeal, so it is becoming increasingly popular to preserve the craftsmanship in the existing architecture while bringing new modern design trends to the fore.

In order to combine old and new, companies are using a variety of textures, including rough, worn furniture pieces and industrial style brickwork and concrete flooring.

Use Color to Enliven the Space

Long gone are the days where offices feature a combination brown/gray color scheme. A big design trend for 2019 is to use color to reflect the personality of a brand within its workplace. Companies are using strong and bold colors in order to enliven the space and make it pop. However, make sure not to overuse bold colors, as they can overwhelm. Instead, use them sparingly so that they stand out but don’t dominate the space.

St. Louis, MO Office Redesign

Here at G. S. & S. Construction, we specialize in the fast track method of construction, which is made successful by active communication between our team members and our clients. One of our areas of expertise is office construction and renovation, and as one of the top  commercial tenant improvement contractors  in St. Louis, we take great pride in keeping on top of office design trends.

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