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As the new year inches closer, it’s important to be prepared for what the future brings. Looking back at the past 12 months, commercial construction companies can help organizations make the best decisions regarding sustainability, budgeting, design, and more for their projects. Curious about what 2023 will bring to your commercial construction project? Below we explore five commercial construction trends you can expect to see this year and beyond.

1. Green Building Will Continue to Be a Focus

More and more companies are focusing on lowering their carbon footprint. They may invest in new energy solutions, foster workplace recycling, and ensure technology is correctly disposed of. The construction of the building is an excellent place to start when you want to be environmentally conscious.

New materials and methods are being implemented due to the increased awareness of climate change. As a result, organizations are demanding sustainability be a part of their construction game plan.

Sustainability goals in commercial construction include the increased use of eco-friendly building materials, more locally sourced materials, reduction of material waste, lower energy costs through solar panels, increased recycling, and more. In addition, many construction companies and their partners are actively working towards net-zero emission goals in the next 30 years.

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2. New Construction Materials Are Making Their Entrance

This commercial construction trend goes hand in hand with green building. Construction companies are turning towards the development of new construction materials, including more sustainable options. Engineering wood, bamboo, and even fungus into natural bricks are some examples that are currently being introduced into projects or being researched. These materials improve recycling before, during, and after a project.

Construction companies are also taking a step back in time, with modular and prefabricated buildings coming back – even in commercial construction. Some opt to build a structure off-site before transferring it to its destination. This reduces waste, lowers transportation emissions, and improves overall efficiency – allowing customers to reap the benefits of lower costs.

3. Design Technology Will Continue in the Spotlight

Design technology, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), helps organizations and construction companies to visualize a project before ground is even broken. With a virtual building model, the project can be studied for design concerns, safety issues, improvements, and more to ensure no surprises pop up in the coming months and that everyone is happy with the overall design.

3D printing is another technology trend that influences design options and is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Much like a virtual model, the 3D printed model can reduce building time, improve sustainability, and lower costs by giving a clear picture of what to expect.

4. More Technology Will Find its Way Onto Construction Sites

Although some commercial construction companies may shy away from technology, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore. Drones, digital documentation, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and supply chain technologies are all making their way onto construction sites.

Drones, for example, can help with inspections and improve safety. Digital documentation ensures no paperwork is lost (or taking up precious space). Robotics and the IoT are working to enhance geofencing and manual tasks, increasing safety and improving efficiency. Supply chain technologies are cutting costs, even amid supply chain issues, both for commercial construction companies and their customers.

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5. Smart Cities Are Becoming More Prevalent

As smart cities become the norm, construction companies must use technology and designs to meet changing needs. Thanks to the data and information existing smart cities provide, designs, safety, and costs can all be improved and worked into the initial plan. Lower budgets, increased safety, and more technology are helping cities move toward the future. Smart city data is also opening the door to exciting new improvements and opportunities just on the horizon.

Understanding the future of commercial construction can help you make informed decisions about your upcoming projects. They can help you lower construction costs, improve the design of your future commercial building, and ensure safety is always top of mind. Which trends will impact your upcoming commercial construction project, goals, and budget?

If you’re curious about getting your commercial construction project or renovation off the ground in 2023, we’re here to help. We specialize in construction, renovation, and building improvements. Contact us today to get started!