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If you’re a stakeholder, project manager, or property owner, you’ll likely be in charge of the logistics for your organization’s next commercial construction project. That, in turn, means you could be the decision-maker when it comes to choosing commercial construction subcontractors for all or part of the project.

Why Hire Subcontractors?

For larger firms with multiple employees that have specialized skills, it can be difficult to justify the expense or process of hiring subcontractors. On the other hand, small businesses with limited funds can often justify the expense or process of hiring subcontractors. Subcontractors can also help minimize the time spent on-site by helping decrease the number of people needed to complete a project. They can also provide relocation support, allowing employees to focus on their roles. 

Through subcontractors, a general contractor can focus on high-value work that can help the firm grow and thrive. Subcontractors also have the expertise and experience necessary to complete a project successfully, mitigating the potential risk of work delays or even costly legal disputes.

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How to Find Subcontractors

Even though many contractors are not employees, they still have to do their due diligence when hiring subcontractors.

Portfolio: There’s nothing more compelling than seeing a subcontractor working in real-time. Also, if a client has already referred or reviewed a previous project, that’s a red flag. If a subcontractor refuses to provide proof of past work, then it’s time to move on.

Licensing: Check the licensing laws in your state and reconcile that with the license and certifications that the subcontractor holds. This sounds like an easy step to take, but it can be costly to overlook.

Safety: General contractors that are focused on safety should also consider subcontractors that have good safety records. Neglecting those records could put the general contractors at risk of lawsuits and even injury.

Contracts: Make sure any documentation and agreements are clear and concise, and fully understandable. Construction contracts are often the reason for delays in projects; they can create a trail of evidence that can help resolve any issues that may arise.

Resources: If the subcontractor has the necessary staff to complete the job, then they should be able to provide the equipment and tools needed to complete the work. Before a general contractor signs a work order, it is important to ask key questions to make sure that the work is being done correctly.

Working with the Professionals

The last thing stakeholders have time for during a commercial construction project is trying to find, vet, and manage subcontractors. When you partner with a commercial construction contractor who has been nurturing subcontractor relationships for years, it’s easy for you to get back to the high-value work that helps your bottom line.

We at G. S. & S. Construction employ only the best union carpenters and laborers and personally carry out many tasks. Our ability to independently perform structural concrete, metal studs, drywall, doors, hardware, casework, and millwork eliminates the need for many subcontractors. This allows us to maintain our high standards, and have the ultimate control over schedule and quality.

Serving the Metro St. Louis area, G. S. & S. Construction is a multifaceted commercial construction company established in 1921. Our experience in all aspects of construction, pre-construction management, and development directly benefits our clients. We are a team of dedicated professionals who conduct business with honesty and integrity. Through hard work and strong management, our projects result in quality construction at competitive prices.

Let’s Get Started

Our 4th generation award-winning team are experts at staying on time and budget. You get clarity and transparency with us, not chaos and confusion of managing a large team of subcontractors. Whether it’s new construction or gutting an existing space, we make the process easy for our clients. Are you ready to experience the ease of success with G. S. & S. Construction? Let’s talk about your project!

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