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Choosing a Commercial Construction Company. If you search online for commercial construction companies, you’ll likely get plenty of options — but choosing one means more than just clicking a website and calling a phone number. Like with any big investment, you need to do some research in order to find the fit for your next project.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, it covers a few important decisions you need to make before signing a contract with a team of commercial construction pros. 

Past Projects

Your project shouldn’t be the construction company’s first rodeo. Look for a team that has a portfolio with examples of work that you can see in-person, and a track record that includes years of experience. A qualified, reputable company won’t be afraid to give you this information.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references as well, and take the extra step of reaching out to learn more about the experience of working closely with the construction company. Did they communicate well? Was the work finished on time? Was the finished product high-quality? The answers will help guide you in the right direction.

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All construction projects are stressful, but that’s especially true for commercial projects. Make sure you choose a company that you can rely on throughout the process. You should be able to contact the project manager, foreman, and other team members quickly and directly to track progress or resolve issues.

You need to be able to count on stellar customer service when your money is on the line. The company shouldn’t dodge questions, ignore voicemails, or leave emails unanswered. They should also meet your concerns with solutions instead of becoming defensive or delaying work.

Architectural Design Knowledge

Not every commercial construction company knows the ins and outs of architectural design, especially if they don’t offer design-build services. Regardless of the size of your structure, the team needs to have at least a basic understanding of architecture.

Without the knowledge of these fundamentals, you could end up with structural issues that don’t meet local code or could end up needing costly repairs. What’s worse, your building project could be unsafe for visitors and employees, increasing your liability as a business owner.

Communication/Management Skills

The construction company will likely rely on a network of teams all working together to get the job done. How the company communicates with those teams will directly impact the success of your project, and you need to ask about their management style upfront.

What’s more, you need to layout expectations for the company’s communication with you as a stakeholder. Problems will inevitably arise, and you need to be involved in helping find a solution. If a company delays telling you about these problems, it could end up being a costly oversight that could delay or even stop work altogether. 

Clear Up Costs

We don’t need to tell you that construction projects are a large financial investment, and you’re likely firm on your budget. That number should be shared with construction companies early on, and the company should acknowledge financial limitations at every step of the product.

When you’re ready to make a choice and write a contract, it should clearly layout every single expense forecasted and what the protocol should be if changes need to be made. If that happens to be the case, the construction company should always seek approval from stakeholders before making any decisions. Keeping the project on-budget is also an integral part of finishing on time.

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Find a One-Stop-Shop 

Working with one company from start to finish optimizes not only your money but your time too. Finding a construction company that does it all from designing the space to pulling permits, and even post-project cleanup can make your life easier and much less stressful. Services should include the following:

  • Pre-Construction/ Conceptual Estimating
  • Site-Selection
  • Value Engineering/ Cost Analysis
  • Construction Management
  • Tenant Coordination
  • General Contracting
  • LEED

Your construction company should also be able to offer a realistic timeline to get it all done. While not everyone can predict when problems arise, it’s a smart idea for all parties involved to have a good idea of when the project will be completed.

Whether it’s new construction or gutting an existing space, we make the process easy for our clients. We specialize in the fast track method of construction, made successful with active communication between all of our team members and the total involvement of the company officers. We can assist you by providing complete, turnkey services or tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements. Let’s talk more about your project!

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