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There’s no question that the construction industry – and specifically commercial construction – has been upended by the last several months because of supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and material price hikes. There’s no foreseeable end in sight to these obstacles, so decision-makers and stakeholders need to understand what it takes to manage a construction project in the coming year.

Fine Tune Project Management Skills

While the commercial construction project manager is truly the go-to for overseeing everything, your team should understand project management fundamentals. Tasks and deadlines should be clear to everyone, and the roadmap should be laid out for everyone to access. If you’re using the critical path method, it’s a wise idea to offer supplemental training for those employees who don’t have any experience yet with this approach to construction project management.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Communication

Construction tech tools abound these days, and many are customized for the construction industry. These tools also provide seamless collaboration and document storage and sharing, allowing for real-time change orders to be implemented. Construction businesses have been slow to adopt these tools, but it will be nearly impossible to keep projects on track next year without collaboration and communication technology.

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Comb Through Contracts

Every agreement made regarding your commercial construction project needs to be backed up with a written, signed contract or documentation, with no exceptions. First and foremost, this delivers the scope of work without ambiguities, so all parties involved (especially your contractor) won’t risk a breach. It helps clarify expectations, like timelines and budgets, which are essential for a successful construction project. Additionally, contracts are documentation that could become evidence in legal disputes.

Safety as a Priority

The conditions on commercial construction job sites are inherently dangerous without being in an ongoing global pandemic, even if everyone is doing exactly what they should be. One small mistake could cause injury (or worse) that throws everything off. Don’t assume that everyone involved knows how to stay safe; provide ongoing and comprehensive, site-specific safety training. Having the right people with the right skills on the job offers peace of mind. Scheduling will also help managers avoid working their team for longer days, leading to fatigue that reduces cognitive function and, ultimately, an accident.

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Hire Commercial Contractors With Experience

Because commercial construction projects involve plenty of moving parts, it’s crucial for project managers to fully understand how to contribute to the overall success of the finished product. Choosing to work with a commercial construction contractor who is prepared to tackle so many of the challenges involved saves you valuable time and money.

Our team specializes in the fast track method of construction and building services, made successful with active communication between all of our team members and the total involvement of the company officers. We can assist you by providing complete, turnkey services or tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements.

Our solid background in carpentry, concrete, and construction management allows us to take on any project, large or small. Our firm commitment to quality and safety, along with using only the finest subcontractors, allows us to produce a superior product. When you’re ready to start your next commercial construction project, get in touch with our team !

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