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Be Considerate of Your Tenants. When determining if a commercial property should be remodeled, there are a few different factors that should be taken into consideration. Of course, a cost analysis should be done beforehand in order to determine if a renovation is feasible, and if the go-ahead is given on the renovation, it is vital to determine if the tenant will remain in the property while the renovation is being done. If so, it can be a tricky process to keep the tenants happy while you’re performing the renovations. 

Here at   G. S. & S. Construction, we are a St. Louis leasehold improvements company that understands that the act of balancing tenant satisfaction with renovation deadlines can be tough. But our team has plenty of experience dealing with this issue, and we’d like to share our tips about how to ensure that tenants are satisfied during any renovations.

Proper Planning and Scheduling

Before beginning the tenant improvements work, it is vital to plan everything out. Devise an effective blueprint by dividing the whole project into smaller modules. Rather than hiring different parties for different jobs in the remodel, it will save you time and money to hire a single contractor that “self-performs” as much of the work as possible. During the planning process, keep in mind that things are likely to go off schedule, especially if this is a large, involved project, so keep dates flexible. 

Open Communication with Tenants

When the building is going to be occupied by tenants during renovation, you want to work with them to determine what are the best times for you to be working at the property. It’s important to understand that the loud noises and mess that go along with commercial renovation are not ideal for them, so make sure that they are comfortable with all the work before proceeding. Convince them that the work is being done for their own good and that their living or working space will be greatly improved when the project is complete. 

Once you have informed all the tenants of the upcoming project, give them a copy of the schedule to make sure that it is OK with them. If you can be flexible with the timing of the work, try to do the loudest and most obtrusive of it outside of office hours whenever possible. 

Consider Tenant Rights

In most leasing agreements, construction projects are typically classified as special circumstances. By law, if a tenant believes that a construction project is interfering with their enjoyment of the property, they may be able to break their lease at no penalty. Additionally, the landlord may be on the hook for relocation fees, rent reduction, or damages. 

Hire a Trusted St. Louis Tenant Improvements Company

With tight scheduling and tenant rights a major factor, it is important to hire a   St. Louis tenant improvement  company that knows what it is doing. G. S. & S. Construction has been doing tenant improvements, leasehold improvements, office renovations, and warehouse construction for over a decade. We have a dedicated and experienced team that knows how to keep tenants happy during construction projects. 

To work with us, give us a call at (314) 298-8100.

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