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After years of planning and fundraising, the Piazza Imo was formally dedicated and opened to the public on Sunday, August 18, 2019.

Piazza Imo was designed, financed, and constructed by the Hill Piazza Imo Committee and was 100% funded by private donations.

The Piazza Imo Committee

Piazza Imo Committee members include:

  • Monsignor Bommarito from St. Ambrose Church
  • Joe Ambrose
  • Joe Pisciotta
  • Ed Imo
  • Margie Imo
  • Phil Torrisi
  • Bill Frisella
  • Tom Caradonna
  • Chris Pagano
  • John Imo
  • Eddie Tumminia

Piazza Imo and G. S. & S. Construction

Chris Hyams from G. S. & S. Construction learned about the initiative in its early stages from Joe Ambrose and was quick to offer any assistance that he and his team could provide.  Ultimately, several St. Louis area construction companies were involved, and G. S. & S. Construction took care of all of the structural concrete for the project.

Chris and the whole G. S. & S. Construction team have been honored to be a part of building this historic landmark in one of St. Louis’s most unique and treasured neighborhoods, “The Hill”.  We look forward to enjoying the piazza with our families for decades to come.

Check out our gallery of images of the dedication ceremony and the beautifully finished piazza.

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