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From budget to design to scheduling and beyond, it can be overwhelming to think about planning commercial construction projects. However, with the right approach, you can use simple and effective strategies to get the job done right.

Start With Goals

What’s the point of this construction project? Is it to improve tenant spaces to increase the value of your property and its rental rates? Is this an adaptive reuse construction project to invigorate a transitioning community? 

Think about how you will use the space and what value it will add for the stakeholders and decision-makers. Sit down with everyone involved in the project to answer these questions and document them so everyone can remain on the same page.

Find the Right Contractor

The contractor directly impacts the success of any construction project, but that’s especially true for commercial and industrial construction. There are several ways to start your search for a commercial construction contractor, but that doesn’t make them equal in quality or professionalism. Choosing the right contractor saves you time, money, and plenty of headaches.

Working with one company from start to finish optimizes your money and your time. Finding a construction company that does everything from designing the space to pulling permits and even post-project cleanup can make your life easier and less stressful.

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Establish a Budget

Commercial construction contractors need to respect your budgetary constraints – no questions asked. Sure, there are inevitable overruns, but the better your contractor keeps the budget in check, the less likely those “hiccups” will cause a severe issue. You should share your budget with construction companies early on, and the company should acknowledge financial limitations at every step of the product.

When you’re ready to choose and write a contract, it should lay out every expense forecasted and what the protocol should be if changes need to be made. If that happens to be the case, the construction company should always seek approval from stakeholders before making any decisions.

Don’t Underestimate the Pre-Construction Phrase

Building permits need to be obtained, and plans must be submitted to the building department, which will issue a permit. The next step is acquiring the appropriate insurance policies to keep the job site safe, including builders’ risk and workers’ comp coverage. Keep documentation neat and orderly (and preferably digitized) during this phase to create an easy-to-follow paper trail.

Next, bids from vendors will be collected, and a construction team will be assembled with a project manager and other key team members that will keep work on track and within budget. Once those steps are taken, construction materials and services are procured. Work closely with vendors to find the lowest price on materials as the market seems to stay constantly in flux.

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Working With the Professionals

Planning a commercial construction project will go much more smoothly when a team of experienced professionals manages it. Any project from the ground up begins with contractors that can read blueprints and elevations, expertly grade a site for drainage, sewage, and parking, and install water, sewer, gas, and fire-sprinkler lines. Before moving inside, crews must set rebar and pour foundations, build walls, and install the roof and any windows or doors.

These construction elements may sound routine, however they are anything but; mistakes at any stage can be expensive and time-consuming for the client. We think ahead and constantly communicate with the client, the project’s architect, suppliers, and their crews, ensuring that preparations and materials are ready at each step in the chain.

We have served the Greater St. Louis area for over four generations with our award-winning staff. We foster a positive environment where people who love to create relationships and buildings thrive. 

On every project, you get a dedicated project manager from the outset to final approvals. Our owner Chris has been in the business since he was 15 and is dedicated to continuing the legacy of being one of the most respected commercial construction companies in the Greater St. Louis area.

Our 4th generation award-winning team are experts at staying on time and budget. You get clarity and transparency with us, not chaos and confusion. If you appreciate quality, efficient work instead of the commercial construction roller coaster, contact us today!

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