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Common Commercial Remodeling Mistakes. Working on commercial remodeling projects in the St. Louis area for over four generations has taught the contractors at G. S. & S. Construction how to plan and implement a successful project. One thing that goes along with working in the industry for so long is hearing stories from our clients about previous commercial remodeling projects that have gone wrong. When you’re planning your commercial renovation project, you’ll want to work with a trustworthy and experienced commercial remodeling contractor so as to avoid these common mistakes.

Skipping the Research

We’ve heard stories of commercial building owners who get so frustrated with their building that they undertake the renovation project themselves, without adequate research. Before you smash that sledgehammer into the wall, take some time to think about the specific work that needs to be completed. List all the issues that you’re having with your commercial space and use the internet to research all the possible solutions. Once you have done your homework, you can contact a commercial renovation contractor to complete the rest of the work.

Asking for Bids Without Proper Details

Some owners of commercial space make the mistake of asking broad tenant improvements questions like, “how much would it cost to renovate my office?” Any professional remodeling company will not be able to answer a broad question like that without further specifications and details. Because every project is unique, it’s important to bring the remodeling contractors into your business so that they can properly survey it and come up with a detailed work plan and an estimate.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

With the amount of construction companies operating in St. Louis, it can be easy to choose one that is not the correct fit for your project. Before even contacting a remodeling company for an estimate, do thorough research on the most likely candidates. Make sure that they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau and that they have experience working on projects in the St. Louis area. When you eventually meet with them, discussing estimates and the scope of the project will give you a sense of their level of professionalism and what it will be like to work with them.

Rushing the Project

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when planning a commercial remodel is looking ahead too far in the future. If you approach a project with the end date at the front of your mind, it doesn’t leave enough time for the planning stage, which often takes longer than you may think. A good rule proposed by many commercial remodeling companies is to add 10 percent more time than you originally expected.

St. Louis Commercial Remodeling Company

G. S. & S. Construction is a multifaceted St. Louis construction company that works on a variety of projects ranging from leaseholds improvements to healthcare medical construction to office renovation. Our company was established in 1921, and our extensive background in construction, carpentry, and concrete allows us to tackle a broad range of projects.

To learn more about how we can help with your commercial remodeling project, contact us at (314) 298-8100.

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