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While the commercial construction industry has been slow to adopt technology, there are now more tools than ever for contractors to complete their projects on time and within budget. Artificial intelligence (the same tech that powers autocorrect when you type) is now at the center of the software and technology in commercial construction that contractors use every day.

Generally speaking, the label of artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to technology that you can train to learn particular habits, identify patterns, and build a knowledge base from experience. AI tools draw from large volumes of data as they learn to create algorithms that help optimize workflows. Artificial intelligence is a larger umbrella phrase for other technology like robotics, automation, and machine learning. These are slowly being integrated into the worksites we manage as construction professionals daily.

It seems like AI would be perfectly suited for construction by its very nature. There are several different ways that AI tools are being utilized in construction projects of all sizes.


We do some tasks in our jobs as construction professionals that happen every day, every week, every month, or every year like clockwork. Think: invoicing, payroll, and other back-office admin tasks that your business needs to be complete to run smoothly. These are the tasks that can be automated using artificial intelligence, along with job delegation for employees, contractors, and subcontractors based on their expertise and role in the construction project.

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Using AI during the design phase of a construction project allows stakeholders to fully visualize plans and alter them in real-time to see how these changes will impact the rest of the project. AI and machine learning tools scan countless images of blueprints and can offer up innovative solutions to design challenges before ground is even broken. Data about the building environment can also be analyzed using AI to help produce algorithms that identify the best way to execute building design.

Project Management

It doesn’t matter how skilled your construction project manager is; construction projects can run over budget or face work delays. When AI-driven software is used to schedule project tasks, allocate labor resources, or reserve rental equipment, algorithms can be applied to alert of potential overruns. When teams know that there could be potential issues in the making, project managers can easily step in and get work back on track.


By its very nature, construction is an inherently dangerous industry with plenty of risks involved, and the bigger the project and the more subcontractors involved, the greater the risk. AI-based safety support means project managers can accurately identify which job sites and projects are riskier than others and use data to increase safety measures. AI can also be combined with Internet of Things (IoT) devices that compile employee data and create a risk assessment score.

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Site Monitoring

If there’s anything that the last year taught us, it’s that even the construction industry needs eyes on the ground when human labor comes to a standstill. Whether it’s because of a crisis, extreme weather, or other delays, you need to know what’s happening in real-time with features that alert you to safety risks, material shortages, and employee productivity issues. Data and images that are collected are analyzed by artificial intelligence for full transparency.

Go Off-site

There are other ways that construction professionals can use AI to deliver projects faster and more efficiently with off-site fabrication. Several factories create components and materials for projects with automated robotics that use AI to mass-produce from blueprints. This leaves your employees to complete high-value work instead of focusing on repetitive tasks that robots could do instead.

When it comes time to tackle a commercial construction project, choose a contractor that knows the return on investment for AI-based technology and software. Our 4th generation award-winning team is experts at staying on time and budget. You get clarity and transparency with us, not chaos and confusion. Contact us today if you appreciate quality, efficient work instead of the commercial construction roller coaster!

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