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Tips for Redesigning an Office. A company’s employees will likely spend at least 40 hours per week in the office. In order to maximum employee efficiency and happiness, it is recommended that you make the best possible use of that office space. Whether you’re looking to move your office to a new space or improve your existing space, there are several simple things that you can do to make your office more appealing and worker-friendly.

Here at G. S. & S. Construction, we are a commercial construction company focusing on things like commercial renovation, tenant improvements, and leasehold improvements. Here are seven tips for redesigning an office.

Create a Plan

Before you get started with the actual tenant improvements project, it is vital to have a plan for how it will go. Create a budget to see what kind of changes are financially viable at the moment. Next, you’ll want to hire a commercial renovation contractor that is experienced in working on commercial remodel projects in the St. Louis area.

Let Your Employees Choose

There has been research done that shows employees experience higher job satisfaction when they are allowed to control the setup of their own workspace. Thus, when working on your leasehold improvements , let employees have some input on things like furniture placement or letting them choose the type of furniture that they want.

Opt for Comfortable Furniture

Before you rearrange your existing furniture, think about whether you should even keep it in the first place. Old and uncomfortable furniture can cause employees to have health issues, such as back pain, carpal tunnel, and eye strain. An easy solution to this problem is by purchasing ergonomic desk chairs, which can aid in employee comfort and happiness.

Don’t Neglect Lighting

Studies have shown that lighting can have effects on health, well-being, mood, and depression. Before your redesign, walk around the office to take note of spaces that do not receive enough natural light. Fill in the blank spaces with ceiling lights or sunlight desk lamps.

Create a Relaxation Space

Office space doesn’t just have to be for work. Breaks are important, so try to designate a work-free space in a room that doesn’t feature any computers or work-related things.

Leave Spaces Open

You may be tempted to purchase a whole lot of new furniture and jam it all into your existing space. However, this approach can make the office more difficult to navigate and over-cluttered. Do not be afraid to leave some spaces open and allow plenty of room for walking or gathering.

Leave Room for Growth

When you’re planning your leasehold improvements project, it’s important to think about the future. Your company is likely going to grow further, so think about how many employees you plan on adding in the next six months and where their desks will go.

St. Louis Leasehold Improvements Contractors

One of the most important steps to planning a new office is to work with a commercial modeling contractor worth its salt. G. S. & S. Construction is a St. Louis tenant improvements company with four generations of experience, working on projects like office renovations, healthcare and medical construction, and private educational facilities.

To learn more about how we can help with your office renovation, contact us at (314) 298-8100.

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