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Commercial Construction Project. Whether you’re building from the ground up or renovating existing space, there’s no question that commercial construction projects can be huge undertakings for business owners. We could offer our advice, but who better than other business owners to offer feedback on how to sail through commercial construction projects? We have years of commercial construction experience, but that’s what we do — day in and day out. After surveying several owners who have weathered the daunting task of overseeing these projects, we’re sharing some of their best tips. 

Ask questions about your commercial construction project

Even if you’ve been through these projects, it’s still important to always ask questions about the process along the way. Getting clarification early on can prevent costly delays and downtime. Don’t be afraid to ask about costs, timelines, and the materials being used, at every step of the way.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your commercial construction team

Maintaining open communication with your team is key, even if you may not always hear great news about the progress of the work. Establish one point of contact so news doesn’t get lost in translation, and leverage cloud-based technology specifically designed for commercial construction projects. This can streamline communication efforts and help everyone understand the work that’s being done and help avoid confusion that could lead to downtime and delays.

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Go to all the meetings for your commercial construction project

Start with the initial meet-and-greet to truly understand more about the construction team. During the initial approval process don’t underestimate the importance of attending zoning and planning appointments. Once the project is underway, plan to have weekly meetings and conference calls in between, and include all of the decision-makers in this process. That way you’re apprised of the progress and everyone stays on the same page.

Schedule your commercial construction project — and stick to it

Despite potential delays that may come up during the project, it’s important to set a completion date and stick to it. Once that’s done, have your construction team create a tentative schedule at the outset. A schedule can help everyone involved plan accordingly when it comes to budget, resources, and materials. Delays happen, so create a contingency plan for them, and revisit the schedule monthly to make sure the project is on track. 

Prepare for the unknown during your commercial construction project

While it’s never fun, it’s not unusual that unexpected challenges may pop up during your commercial construction project. This is especially true for renovations on older buildings that may lack modern updates or records of structural plans needed for work to be done. Another unpredictable element is the weather; even when we schedule commercial construction projects to the hilt, storms or extreme temperatures can slow down the work being done.

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Plan ahead — and then plan some more

If you need a project completed by a certain date to avoid cash flow disruption, make sure your schedule includes a buffer. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to get zoning and permit approval from the area where you’re building, and work with a commercial construction team that can help navigate those tricky waters. If you plan on operating business as usual during a renovation or addition, planning is especially important so the project doesn’t eat into your bottom line. 

Keep an eye on your commercial construction budget

Just as unexpected delays can pop up during the project, so can costs that you didn’t plan for. Before the project even starts, make sure there’s enough wiggle room in the budget to cover expenses that you didn’t initially consider. Think about securing a line of credit; even if you don’t use it, the extra peace of mind it can offer will take the stress off the entire team in case you need to find funding quick. 

Choose a commercial construction team that keeps your goals in mind

Above all, the partner you choose to complete your project will help keep things on track from planning to completion. Take a close look at experience, past projects, and key personnel to make sure you’re finding the right fit. Understand that the lowest bid price doesn’t always mean the best end product. 

Our hands-on management style and personal support to our employees create a positive atmosphere where employees excel. Investing time and energy to help employees succeed ensures their personal interest in your project. Our team works in an efficient, fast-paced environment for a single purpose – customer satisfaction. Learn more about making us a partner for your next commercial construction project.

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